Constant grazers spent about 10 hours a day in secondary drinking of beverages in 2008
Average minutes per day

Bar chart with 3 groups with 2 items per group.

Group 1, Primary eating and drinking.
Item 1, Constant grazers 73.9.
Item 2, Total population 66.9.
Group 2, Secondary eating.
Item 1, Constant grazers 147.5.
Item 2, Total population 28.1.
Group 3, Secondary drinking beverages.
Item 1, Constant grazers 597.6.
Item 2, Total population 81.

Note: Constant grazers are those who spend over 4.5 hours a day in eating/drinking activities. Data for individuals, age 15 and older. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics American Time Use Survey and ERS Eating and Health Module.