Share of farms and value of production by age and retirement status of the principal operator, 2012

Stacked Bar chart with 7 groups and 2 items per group.

Percent of U.S. farms or value of production


Age/retirement status of principal operator Not retired Retired
Younger than 55 years 33.4 0.8
55 to 64 years 30.7 4.5
65 years or older 17.0 13.6
Younger than 45 years 44.1 0.5
55 to 64 years 35.9 0.4
65 years or older 16.8 2.2


Note: In this figure, farms with a retired principal operator include: retirement farms in the ERS typology plus any midsize, large-scale, and nonfamily farms where the principal operators report they are retired. Source: USDA, Economic Research Service and National Agricultural Statistics Service, 2012 Agricultural Resource Management Survey.