Older principal farm operators, by farm typology, 2012

Percent of principal farm operators at least 65 years old
Stacked Bar chart with 9 items.

  Percent age 65 years old or more
Retirement 71.6
Off-farm occupation 10.5
Low-sales 36.3
Moderate-sales 25.8
Midsize 18.6
Large 19.2
Very large 18.3
Nonfamily 23.8
All principal operators 30.6


Nonagricultural self-employed workers age 65 and older (11.6 percent)
Note: Small family farms have gross cash farm income (GCFI) < $350,000. Midsize family farms have GFCI of $350,000-$999,999. Large-scale family farms have GFCI of $1,000,000 or more. Source: USDA, Economic Research Service and National Agricultural Statistics Service, 2012 Agricultural Resource Management Survey.