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Roger Claassen

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Agricultural Economist


Roger Claassen is a Senior Agricultural Economist in the Conservation and Environmental Branch in the Resource and Rural Economics Division.


Specializing in conservation and environmental policy issues, Roger's research agenda has included work on wetland policy issues, the effectiveness of conservation compliance and other environmental compliance requirements, cost-effective design of voluntary payment programs for conservation, and socio-economic factors influencing conservation practice adoption.


Roger earned an M.S. in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of Maryland, and a B.S. in Agronomy at Kansas State University in 1982. He is currently working toward a Ph.D. at the University of Maryland.

Selected Publications:

Claassen, R. Buying Environmental Services: Effective Use of Economic Tools. In Managing Agricultural Landscapes for Environmental Quality, Soil and Water Conservation Society, Max Schnepf and Craig Cox, eds., 2007.

Claassen, R. Emphasis Shifts in U.S. Conservation Policy. Amber Waves (special issue for the 2007 farm bill) May 2007.

Lambert, D., Sullivan, P., Claassen, R., and Foreman, L. Conservation Compatible Practices and Programs: Who Participates? Economic Research Report 14, January 2006.

Lubowski, R., Bucholtz, S., Claassen, R., Roberts M., Cooper, J., Gueorguieva, A., and Johansson, R. Environmental Effects of Agricultural Land-Use Change: The Role of Economics and Policy. Economic Research Report 25, August 2006.

Aillery, A., Barnard, C., Claassen, R., Gadsby, D., Hellerstein, D., Johansson, R., Nickerson, C., and Ribaudo, M. Conservation and Environmental Polices: AREI, 2006 Edition. July, 2006.

Weinberg, M. and Claassen, R. Rewarding Farm Practices versus Environmental Performance USDA. ERS. March, 2006.

Claassen, R. and Morehart, M. Greening Income Support and Supporting Green. Economic Brief 1, March 2006.

Cattaneo, A, R. Claassen, R. Johansson, and M. Weinberg. Flexible Conservation Measures on Working Land: What Challenges Lie Ahead? Economic Research Report 5, June 2005.

Claassen, R., Have Conservation Compliance Incentives Reduced Soil Erosion? Amber Waves. June 2004.

Claassen R., V. Breneman, S. Bucholtz, A. Cattaneo, R. Johansson, M. Morehart. Environmental Compliance in Agricultural Policy: Past Performance and Future Potential. Agricultural Economic Report 832, June 2004

Claassen, R. and R. Horan. Uniform and Non-Uniform Second-Best Input Taxes: the Significance of Market Price Effects on Efficiency and Equity. Environmental and Resource Economics. 19(May 2001): 1-22.

Claassen, R., L. Hansen, M. Peters, V. Breneman, M. Weinberg and others. Agri-Environmental Policy at the Crossroads: Guideposts on a Changing Landscape. AER 794, January 2001.

Claassen, R. and A. Tegene. Agricultural Land Use: A Discrete Choice Approach. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. 28(April 1999): 26-36.

Claassen, R., R. Heimlich, R. House, and K. Wiebe Estimating the Effects of Relaxing Agricultural Land Use Restrictions: Wetland Delineation in the Swampbuster Program. Review of Agricultural Economics. 20(Fall/Winter 1998):390-405.


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