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Peter Stenberg

Regional Economist


Peter's research has been in the area of economic development policy, focusing on physical and human infrastructure. Projects have included rural telecommunication policy, science and technology policy affecting rural-urban economic clusters, economic development, regional and international trade, comparative economics, policy toward investment in higher education research and teaching activities (such as land-grant institutions), and general infrastructure issues.


Prior to joining ERS, Peter was an assistant professor in the Economics Department at Hamline University, a research associate in the Center of Urban and Regional Affairs (Humphrey Institute), and a private consultant who had research contracts with various State and Federal agencies, universities, and corporations across the country.


Peter earned a Ph.D. and an MS in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota. He also holds a BS in Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

Professional Affiliations:

Peter is a member of the American Economics Association, American Agricultural Economics Association, Western Economic Association International, and Regional Science Association International.

Selected Publications:

Stenberg, P.L., Rural Digital Economy, ERS Briefing Room.

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Stenberg, P.L.(ed), "Telecommunications in Rural Economic Development," proceedings from a workshop, Western Rural Development Center, Oregon State University, Corvallis, December 1999.

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