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Michael Adjemian



Michael K. Adjemian is a Research Economist in the Crops Branch of the Market and Trade Economics Division. His research is focused on current issues in commodity derivatives markets.  Michael has worked on enhancing the methodology behind USDA price and supply forecasts, exploring the operation of thin markets, improving the estimation of demand parameters, identifying the reasons for non-convergence between spot and futures prices, quantifying the value of USDA situation and outlook programs, and determining whether the announcement effects they generate have changed over time.


After completing his Ph.D., Michael joined ERS in June 2009. Previously, Michael worked as a Performance Auditor for the state of California and as a Budget Analyst for Lockheed Martin.


Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California, Davis, 2009

B.S. in Finance, with a minor in history, University of Florida, 2001

Professional Affiliations:

Michael is a member of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA).  He also serves as a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics (JAAE).  

Selected Publications:

Adjemian, M.K., T.L. Saitone, and R.J. Sexton. 2016. "A Framework to Analyze the Performance of Thinly Traded Agricultural Commodity Markets," American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 98(2): 581-596.

Adjemian, M.K., R.J. Volpe, and J. Adjemian. 2015. "Relationships between Diet, Alcohol Preference, and Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes among Americans," PLOS One. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0124351.

Adjemian, M.K., and A. Smith. "Using USDA Forecasts to Estimate the Price Flexibility of Demand for Agricultural Commodities," American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 94(4): 978-995.

Adjemian, M.K. 2012. "Quantifying the WASDE Announcement Effect," American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 94(1):238-256.

Adjemian, M.K., C.-Y.C. Lin, and J. Williams. 2010. "Estimating Spatial Interdependence in Automobile Type Choice with Survey Data," Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 44(9): 661-675.

Adjemian, M.K., and J. Williams. 2009. "Using Census Aggregates to Proxy for Household Characteristics: An Application to Vehicle Ownership," Transportation, 36(2): 223-241.

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