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Marca Weinberg



Marca Weinberg is Director of the Resource and Rural Economics Division. She has served as Associate Director, and from 2000 to 2009 she was  Chief of the division's Resource, Environmental, and Science Policy (RESP) Branch. As Branch Chief, she managed a program of activities focused on estimating costs, benefits, and distributional implications of policy design options for addressing the environmental impacts of agricultural production and of the non-commodity services agriculture provides. The policy perspective for this research includes climate and energy policy; conservation programs authorized in Federal farm legislation such as the Conservation and Wetlands Reserve Programs, the Environmental Quality Incentives Program, and Conservation Compliance; as well as Federal environmental legislation with potential implications for agricultural production, such as the Clean Water Act.

Marca's research background and expertise also include western water issues, such as water quality-quantity tradeoffs, Federal water policy reform, and the economic implications of the Federal Endangered Species Act as applied to species dependent on riverine ecosystems, as well as spatial land use issues, particularly as applied to wetlands management.


Marca became Director in October 2012, and has previously served as Associate Director of the division. For over 9 years she was Chief of the division's Resource, Environmental, and Science Policy (RESP) Branch. From 1995 to 2000, Marca was Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Policy, University of California, Davis. She earlier served as an economist with ERS (1991-93) and with the Congressional Budget Office (1993-95).


Marca received a Ph.D. and an M.S. in Agricultural Economics from the University of California, Davis, and a B.S. in Political Economy of Natural Resources from the University of California, Berkeley.

Selected Publications:

Weinberg, Marca and Roger Claassen, Rewarding Farm Practices versus Environmental Performance, Economic Brief No. EB5, (March 2006), 6 pp.

Ribaudo, Marc and Marca Weinberg, Improving Air and Water Quality Can Be Two Sides of the Same Coin, Amber Waves3(4, September 2005):34-41.

Cattaneo, Andrea, Roger Claassen, Robert Johansson, and Marca Weinberg, Flexible Conservation Measures on Working Land, Economic Research Report No. 5, Economic Research Service, USDA, (June 2005), 79 pp.

Smith, Katherine and Marca Weinberg. Measuring the Success of Conservation Programs, Amber Waves2(4, September 2004):14-21.

Weinberg, Marca, Assessing a Policy Grab Bag: Federal Water Policy Reform, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 84(3, August 2002):541-556.

Weinberg, Marca, et al., Biological and Economic Implications of Sacramento Watershed Management Options, Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 38(2, April 2002):367-384.

Roger Claassen, LeRoy Hansen, Mark Peters, Vince Breneman, Marca Weinberg, Andrea Cattaneo, Peter Feather, Dwight Gadsby, Daniel Hellerstein, Jeff Hopkins, Paul Johnston, Mitch Morehart, and Mark Smith. Agri-Environmental Policy at the Crossroads: Guideposts on a Changing Landscape. Agricultural Economic Report No. (aer794) 72 pp, January 2001, USDA, ERS.

Marcel Aillery, Michael R. Moore, Marca Weinberg, Glen Schaible, and Noel Gollehon. Salmon Recovery in the Columbia River Basin: Analysis of Measures Affecting Agriculture. Elsewhere No. (0005), April 1999, USDA, ERS.

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