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Laura Tiehen

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Laura Tiehen


Laura Tiehen is an economist with the Food Assistance Branch of the Food Economics Division. Her research examines the use of federal food assistance programs. She is particularly interested in the outcomes, such as poverty, food security, and health-related behavior, associated with use of Federal food assistance.

Laura received her Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a B.A. in Economics and Spanish from Lake Forest College.

Professional Affiliations:
Laura is a member of the American Economics Association and the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management.

Selected Publications:

Gundersen, C., D. Jolliffe, and L. Tiehen. "The Challenge of Program Evaluation: When Increasing Program Participation Decreases the Relative Well-being of Participants," Food Policy 34(4):367-76, August 2009.

Jacknowitz, A., and L. Tiehen. "Transitions into and out of the WIC Program: A Cause for Concern?," Social Service Review 83(2):151-83, June 2009.

Tiehen, L. "Stabilizing Federal Support for Emergency Food Providers," USDA, ERS, Amber Waves 6(5), November 2008.

Tiehen, L., and A. Jacknowitz. "Why Wait? Examining Delayed WIC Participation Among Pregnant Women," Contemporary Economic Policy 26(4):518-38, October 2008.

Jacknowitz, A., D. Novillo, and L. Tiehen. "WIC and Infant Feeding Practices," Pediatrics 119(2):281-89, February 2007.

Jolliffe, D., C. Gundersen, J. Winicki, and L. Tiehen. "Food Stamp Benefits and Child Poverty," American Journal of Agricultural Economics 87(3):569-81, August 2005.

Stommes, E. and L. Tiehen. Food Assistance and Nutrition Research Small Grants Program: Executive Summaries of 2003 Research Grants. ERS Report No. (FANRR43) 43 pp, December 2004

Tiehen, L. "Emergency Providers Help Poor Households Put Food on the Table," USDA, ERS, Amber Waves 2(3), June 2004.

Mosley, J., and L. Tiehen. "The Food Safety Net After Welfare Reform: Use of Private and Public Food Assistance in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area," Social Service Review 79(2):267-83, June 2004.

Briefel, R., J. Jacobson, and L. Tiehen. Issues in Food Assistance: The Emergency Food Assistance System: Findings from the Client Survey, USDA, ERS, FANRR-26-10, September 2003.

Tiehen, L. "Use of Food Pantries by Households with Children Rose During the Late 1990s," USDA, ERS, FoodReview 25(3), December 2002.

Tiehen, L. Issues in Food Assistance: Private Provision of Food Aid: The Emergency Food Assistance System, USDA, ERS, FANRR-26-5, August 2002.

Tiehen, Laura. "Tax Policy and Charitable Contributions of Money," National Tax Journal 54(4), December 2001.

Tiehen, L. "Has Working More Caused Married Women to Volunteer Less? Evidence from Time Diary Data, 1965 to 1993," Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 29(4), December 2000.

Gundersen, C., M. Morehart, L. Whitener, L. Ghelfi, J. Johnson, K. Kassel, B. Kuhn, A. Mishra, S. Offutt, and L. Tiehen. A Safety Net for Farm Households, USDA, ERS, AER-788, December 2000.

Wilde, P., P. Cook, C. Gundersen, M. Nord, and L. Tiehen. The Decline in Food Stamp Program Participation in the 1990's, USDA, ERS, FANRR-7, June 2000.

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