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Jeanine Bentley

Social Science Analyst


Jeanine Bentley is a social science analyst with the Diet, Safety, and Health Economics Branch in the Food Economics Division. Her research focuses on food availability, food consumption, diet quality, and food waste within the United States.


Jeanine joined ERS in 2007 while she was a student, completing her degree.


She holds an M.A. in Applied Sociology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and a B.S. in Sociology and English from Towson University.

Selected Publications:

Lin, Biing-Hwan, Jean C. Buzby, Tobenna D. Anekwe, and Jeanine T. Bentley. U.S. Food Commodity Consumption Broken Down by Demographics, ERR-206, USDA, Economic Research Service, March 2016.

Buzby, Jean C., Jeanine T. Bentley, Beth Padera, Cara Ammon, and Jennifer Campuzano, "Estimated Fresh Produce Shrink and Food Loss in U.S. Supermarkets," Agriculture, 5 (3): 626-48, 2015. 

Bentley, Jeanine T, "Potatoes and Tomatoes Account for Over Half of U.S. Vegetable Availability," Amber Waves, September 2015.

Bentley, Jeanine T. and Agnes Perez, "Fresh Fruit Makes Up a Growing Share of U.S. Fruit Availability," Amber Waves, May 2015.

Bentley, Jeanine T, "Trends in U.S. Per Capita Consumption of Dairy Products, 1970-2012," Amber Waves, June 2014.

Buzby, Jean C., Hodan Farah Wells, and Jeanine Bentley, "ERS's Food Loss Data Help Inform the Food Waste Discussion," Amber Waves, June 2013.

Last updated: Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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