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J. William Levedahl

Agricultural Economist


J. William Levedahl has been conducting research into the domestic USDA food assistance programs since 1987. His research has focused on developing theoretical models that improve and enhance empirical estimates of the impact of these programs on individual and market level behavior.


B.A.-Economics, University of California-Berkeley; M.Sc.-Econometrics, London School of Economics; Ph.D.-Economics, University of Chicago.

Selected Publications:

Clarke, J.S., J.W. Levedahl, and A.J. Reed. Estimating Long Run Food Stamp Program Caseloads, E-FAN No. 04013, USDA, Economic Research Service, December 2004.

J.W. Levedahl, and V. Oliveria. Dietary Impacts of Food Assistance Programs, Chapter 16 in America’s Eating Habits: Changes and Consequences, AIB 750, ed. E. Frazao, USDA, Economic Research Service, April 1999.

Levedahl, J.W. "A Theoretical and Empirical Evaluation of the Functional Forms Used to Estimate the Food Expenditure the Food Expenditure Equation of Food Stamp Recipients," American Journal of Agricultural Economics, November 1995.


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