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Gopinath (Gopi) Munisamy

Director, Market and Trade Economics Division


Gopinath (Gopi) Munisamy became Director of the Market and Trade Economics Division of USDA’s Economic Research Service in December 2012. He oversees a program of economic research and analysis on U.S. and global economic and policy factors affecting the structure and performance of agricultural markets and trade. Before joining ERS, he served on the faculty at Oregon State University in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, and he chaired the Executive Committee of the International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium.


Gopi has published research on international trade, economic growth and development, including the impact of agricultural policies and trade liberalization on developing countries. His publications and his presentations at the World Trade Organization, in China, and in India illustrate the international reach of his research. From 2004 to 2007 he was Associate Editor of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics. Prior to his appointment at Oregon State University, he served at ERS from 1995 to 1997 as a Research Associate/Economist affiliated with the University of Minnesota.


Gopi received a Ph.D., in Agricultural and Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota in 1995.  He received his Master’s in Agricultural Economics from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute in New Delhi and a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India.

Professional Affiliations:

American Economic Association
American Agricultural Economics Association
International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium

Selected Publications:

Selected Recent Articles in Journals

Yoo, C-K, M. Gopinath and H. Kim.2012. “Trade Policy Reform, Productivity Growth and Welfare in Korean Agriculture.” Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, 34(3):472-488.

Saito, H., M. Gopinath and J. Wu. 2011. “Heterogeneous Firms, Trade Liberalization and Agglomeration.” Canadian Journal of Economics, 44(2): 541-560.

Saito, H., and M. Gopinath. 2011. “Knowledge Spillovers, Absorptive Capacity and Skill Intensity of Chilean Manufacturing Plants.” Journal of Regional Science, 51(1): 83-101.

Ruan, J., and M. Gopinath. 2010. “Technological Convergence, Competitiveness and Welfare: A Study of International Manufacturing Industries.” Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, 19(4): 517-551.

Saito, H., and M. Gopinath. 2009. “Plants’ Self-Selection, Agglomeration Economies and Regional Productivity in Chile.” Journal of Economic Geography, 9 (4): 539-558.

Waldkirch, A. and M. Gopinath. 2008. “Pollution Control and Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico: An Industry-Level Analysis.” Environmental and Resource Economics, 41 (3): 28 9-313.

Arnade, C., M. Gopinath and D. Pick. 2008. “Brand Inertia in U.S. Household Cheese Consumption.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 90 (3): 813-826.

Wu, J., and M. Gopinath. 2008. “What Causes Spatial Variations in Economic Development in the United States?” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 90 (2): 392-408.

Ruan, J., M. Gopinath and S. Buccola. 2008. “Welfare Effects of Technological Convergence in Processed Food Industries.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 90 (2): 447-462.

Min, H., M. Gopinath, S. Buccola and P. McEvoy. 2008. “Rent-Seeking in Invasive Species Regulations: The Case of Noxious Weeds.” Land Economics, 84 (2): 306-326.

Arnade, C., and M. Gopinath. 2006. “The Dynamics of Individuals’ Fat Consumption.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 88 (4): 836-850.

Gopinath, M., D. Pick and Y. Li. 2004. “An Empirical Analysis of Productivity Growth and Industrial Concentration in U.S. Manufacturing.” Applied Economics, 36 (1): 1-7.

Gopinath, M., and W. Chen. 2003. “Foreign Direct Investment and Wages: A Cross-Country Analysis.” Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, 12 (2): 285-309.

Gopinath, M., and P. Mukti Upadhyay. 2002. “Human Capital, Technology and Specialization: A Comparison of Developed and Developing Countries.” Journal of Economics (Zeitschrift fur Nationalokonomie), 75 (2):161-179.

Arnade, C., and M. Gopinath. 2000. “Financial Constraints and Output Targets in Russian Agricultural Production.” Journal of International Development, 12 (1): 71-84.

Gopinath, M., and J. Wu. 1999. “Environmental Externalities and the Optimal Level of Market Power.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 81 (4): 825-833.

Gopinath, M., D. Pick, and U. Vasavada. 1999. “The Economics of Foreign Direct Investment and Trade with an Application to the U.S. Food Processing Industry.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 81 (2): 442-52.

Gopinath, M., and T.L. Roe. 1997. “Sources of Sectoral Growth in an Economy Wide Context: The Case of U.S. Agriculture.” Journal of Productivity Analysis, 8(3):293-310.

Selected Recent Books and Policy Papers

Gopinath, M. 2011. “India: Shadow WTO Domestic Support Notifications.” In  D. Orden, T. Josling and D. Blandford (ed.), WTO Disciplines on Agricultural Domestic Support: Seeking a Fair Basis for Trade, Cambridge University Press.

Gopinath, M., and H. Kim (Editors). 2009.  Globalization and the Rural-Urban Divide. Seoul, Korea: Seoul National University Press.

Gopinath, M., and D. Laborde. 2008. Implications for India of the 2008 WTO Draft Modalities. Policy Paper on Agricultural Trade and Sustainable Development, International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development, Geneva, Switzerland.

Gopinath, M., I. Sheldon and R. Echeverria. 2007. Firm Heterogeneity and Trade: Implications for Agricultural and Food Industries. Trade Policy Issues Paper No. 5, International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium.

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