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State Export Data


Although a State's actual agricultural export value cannot be measured directly, ERS maintains estimates of State shares of U.S. exports for total and selected individual commodities based on U.S. farm cash-receipts data. The estimates are for calendar years, with annual estimates available for 2000-2011.   ERS has discontinued updates of an alternative fiscal-year (October to September) series of State export estimates based on State and commodity shares of production, but continues to provide the historical estimates based on that methodology.

The Documentation link on the left provides an explanation of both the current cash receipts-based method and the discontinued production-based method, along with comparisons between the historical results from the two methods.

The files below provide the annual State export estimates using the new U.S. farm receipts-based method for 2000-2011 as well as the historical estimates using the discontinued U.S. agricultural production-based method.

While a State's actual agricultural export value cannot be measured directly, ERS has developed methods that provide indirect estimates of exports using State export shares. Estimates of annual U.S. agricultural export values by State and commodity are provided using two methodologies: Fiscal year (October to September) exports based on each State's share of U.S. agricultural production, and a new calendar year series of export estimates based on U.S. farm cash receipts.  The Methodology link on the right provides an explanation of the two methods, along with comparisons between the results of the two methods.

Errata: On December 17, 2012, the calendar year (new series) State export data for several agricultural export categories were corrected.  The values for feeds and fodders and for grain products were corrected for all States and all years.  Smaller changes were made for the following States and export categories, which should have had zero values: Utah (tree nuts, soybeans, rice, and chicken meat); and Connecticut (cotton). The export value for Idaho wheat, which had been zero, was also corrected.

Data Set  Download as Excel
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State Agricultural Exports, U.S. agricultural cash receipts-based estimates (Calendar years)Back to top
U.S. Agricultural Exports, Commodity detail by State [New series]: CY2000-2012Download as Excel10/31/20131/30/2015
U.S. Agricultural Exports, State detail by commodity [New series]: CY2000-2012Download as Excel10/31/20131/30/2015
State Agricultural Exports, U.S. farm production-based estimates (U.S. fiscal years)Back to top
U.S. Agricultural Exports, commodity detail by State [Old series]: FY1990-2010Download as Excel6/30/2011
U.S. Agricultural Exports, State detail by commodity [Old series]: FY1973-2010Download as Excel6/30/2011

Last updated: Friday, November 14, 2014

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