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Disabilities affect two out of every five households that have very low food security

For the first time, a study has documented the substantial overlap between very low food security and disability. Very low food security is a severe range of food insecurity characterized by reductions in food intake and disrupted eating patterns for one or more household members.  In 2009/10, one-quarter of U.S. households with very low food security included a working age adult (age 18-64) who was unable to work due to disability. Twelve percent of very-low-food-secure households included a working-age adult with other reported disabilities (disabilities that did not prevent employment). Altogether, close to two in five households with very low food security included a working-age adult with a disability. This chart is from Food Insecurity Among Households with Working-Age Adults with Disabilities, ERR-144, January 2013.

Last updated: Monday, February 04, 2013

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