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Economic Research Service (ERS) Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS) Tailored Reports

Tailored Reports allow the public user to view and download a variety of statistics summarizing the ARMS data. The user can select from several menus to create custom reports on topics ranging from the farm balance sheet to pesticide application methods. A text-specific data dictionary is provided. The tailored reports tool is segmented in two broad sections:

  • Farm Structure and Finance
    Structure and financial status and performance of U.S. farm operators, their households, and farm businesses. Data for 2012-14 were revised on May 2, 2016. See Update and Revision History for details.
  • Crop Production Practices
    Status and trends in crop production practices for several field crops. Data were last updated April 23, 2015 reflecting the 2013 survey.

ERS Data Products Relying on ARMS Data

NASS Summary Tables and Charts

Last updated: Monday, May 02, 2016

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