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The annual Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS) is USDA's primary source of information on the financial condition, production practices, and resource use of America's farm businesses and the economic well-being of America's farm households. ARMS data are essential to USDA, congressional, administration, and industry decision makers when weighing alternative policies and programs that touch the farm sector or affect farm families.

Sponsored jointly by ERS and the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), ARMS is the only national survey that provides observations of field-level farm practices, the economics of the farm businesses operating the field (or dairy herd, green house, nursery, poultry house, etc.), and the characteristics of farm operators and their households (age, education, occupation, farm and off-farm work, types of employment, family living expenses, etc.)--all collected in a representative sample. Information about crop production, farm production, business, and households includes data for selected surveyed States where available. See more background on ARMS....

Release and Update Schedule for the ARMS Data

ARMS data are released and/or revised twice a year. This schedule governs updates to the data in this website tool, data available in NASS/ERS data enclaves, data used by MOU holders (see how to request access to raw ARMS data), and data used by ERS researchers. The releases are scheduled for around May 31 and November 30 each year. A complete history of updates and revisions to the data is available.

Major Data Topics Available in the ARMS Web-based Tool

Farm Structure and Finance
Structure and financial status and performance of U.S. farm operators, their households, and farm businesses. Data were last updated November 26, 2013, reflecting the 2012 survey.

Crop Production Practices
Status and trends in crop production practices for several field crops. Data as of November 30, 2011, includes selected crop surveys through 2010. Revisions to this data were released June 13, 2012. See the Update and Revision History for details.

Note that data on costs and returns are now only available in the Commodity Costs and Returns data product.

To run tailored reports from ARMS:

Enter the App

Latest Additions and Revisions (See Complete Update and Revision History)

  • 2012 data for farm and household finances.
  • New ERS farm typology classifications were incorporated into 2011-2012 data.
  • 1996-2011 data were re-summarized and refreshed.
  • Corrections to tables on government payments were made affecting 1996-2011 data.

For More Detailed Data Needs

For Developers: grab the API.

Last updated: Monday, December 09, 2013

For more information contact: Mitch Morehart

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