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Distance Learning

What is the ERS Distance Learning Program?

The ERS Distance Learning Program links ERS with minority-serving universities and their students to enhance the instruction, understanding, and discussion of food and agricultural policy.

The program…

  • Leverages ERS expertise in key policy areas;
  • Introduces students and faculty to ERS researchers engaged in policy research;
  • Increases students' interest in careers in agricultural economics;
  • Improves the diversity of faculty and students with policy analysis expertise; and
  • Builds stronger relationships and collaborative networks between ERS researchers and minority-serving institutions.

How does the program work?

Each semester, ERS researchers give presentations on timely and policy-relevant topics that broadly cover issues pertaining to food and agricultural policy. The presentations are delivered directly to the classrooms of participating institutions using interactive, real-time technologies. Students interact with ERS researchers by asking questions during the presentation and by giving their own presentations.

Fall 2015 Schedule of Distance Learning Seminars (all seminars will be given on Tuesdays, beginning at 12:30 p.m. Eastern Time):
9/15/2015 School Meals in Transition Katherine Ralston, Constance Newman
9/29/2015 Measuring Access to Healthful, Affordable Food in American Indian and Alaska Native Tribal Areas Michelle Saksena, Chris Dicken
10/6/2015 U.S. - Cuba Agricultural Trade: Past, Present, and Future Steven Zahniser, Bryce Cooke
10/20/2015 The Profit Potential of Certified Organic Field Crop Production William McBride, Catherine Greene
11/3/2015 Targeting Investments to Cost-Effectively Restore and Protect Wetland Ecosystems: Some Economic Insights LeRoy Hansen, Daniel Hellerstein
11/17/2015 America's Diverse Family Farms: 2014 Edition Robert Hoppe, James MacDonald

To register for a seminar, please send an email to Hodan Farah Wells.

Last updated: Friday, September 04, 2015

For more information contact: Christopher G. Davis, Keithly Jones, and Hodan Farah Wells